Alexia Parks

Dec 11, 2018

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When I Invented The Gender Equality Scale, I Found That The Fastest Path To Equality Was NOT To Focus On Gender.

After a lifetime searching for solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges, I had a Eureka! moment. It’s that kind of feeling you get when you’re searching for your reading glasses, and discover that they are hanging from the front of your sweater. Or the lost IPhone that you put down on a table … the moment before you put a napkin on top of it.

When you find what you are searching for, the release from anxiety or distress is immediate. You saved a few seconds or hours of search time and the feeling is euphoric.

The same is true with discovering the answer to a challenging problem. In today’s gender fluid world, not everyone wants to be tagged with a gender defining label, children included. As one parent put it, I gave birth to twin girls and ended up raising a boy and a girl. Another parent worried: my child wants to be called “No Label.” No winners/losers, right/wrong, strong/weak. What these modern humans are seeking is to be able to explore life on their own terms and be nurtured in ways that unlock their full potential.


Thirty years ago, I wrote a book with this title. I interviewed dozens of people who had changed their name from the one they had been given at birth. Each told me that this simple act of naming themselves had changed their life. Mary Barstow changed her name to Cedar Barstow, admitting at the time that the name “makes me more famous than I really am.” Norma Jean Baker also changed her name and lived to see her name written on a Hollywood Star as Marilyn Monroe. Then there was Engelbert Humperdinck born Arnold George Dorsey, and a couple who chose two words to make up their new married name: Riverstone.

John, sitting next to me in the courtroom where we both came to legally change our names told the Judge that he wanted to be called EARTH. I now live on land in Montana. Wind and Rock are with me.

After a lifetime searching for solutions to this uniqely human problem of gender identity I made my discovery. It is based on 40-years worth of research across a dozen fields of science.

What I discovered is that when 10 powerful masculine traits are put into a dynamic synergy with 10 complementary, opposite, and equally powerful feminine traits, it unlocks untapped potential in BOTH men and women that has been polarized and suppressed over millennia.

ON A SCALE OF 1–10, BE A 20!

Isn’t it about time that we shift the focus from gender to traits and trait balancing in order to unlock and fully express our potential.

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