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Wait! Please Push My Car to the Donut Shop NOT the Gas Station!

Enjoying a Sunday buffet at my favorite Indian food restaurant, writing down my weekly To Do list on the brown paper “table cloth,” I became distracted by the animated conversations at a nearby round table for eight.

The speaker was a woman with grey hair, her fork circling the air in her right hand as she made sure everyone at the table was paying close attention.

I, too, was mesmerized.

“I was driving south of Orlando to visit some friends when I suddenly noticed that the gauge on my car was pointing to the bottom. I’m running out of gas! I thought to myself, and then I started to panic.”

She paused, with a shocked look on her face, as if to emphasize that the memory of this event had been deeply etched in her mind.

Everyone at her table waited for her to continue. I leaned a little farther in her direction, ears atuned.

“I spotted the next off ramp from the freeway a short distance ahead and then did everything I could to reduce the friction on the car. It was a hot summer’s day. I turned the air conditioning off and made sure that all of the windows were tightly closed. I even leaned forward toward the steering wheel, as if that would also help.”

Everyone laughed.

“Luckily, I was able to coast to the top of the ramp,” she continued adding that when she rolled to a stop, two pickup trucks stopped, and the drivers from each truck got out and offered to help her push her car.

“The two men got behind the car and begain to push while I sat behiind the steering wheel and followed their instructions.”

“Turn the steering wheel to the right!” one man called out to me and as soon as I started to turn the wheel, I realized the mistake.

I opened the car door and called out to them: “Wait. Wait! You’re pushing me into the GAS station. I want to go to Dunkin Donuts!

They stopped pushing. “ ‘What?’ one of them said, shaking his head as if he hadn’t really heard what I said.”

So I repeated, “Please push me into the Dunkin Donuts parking lot. This is an electric car and they have an electric charging station there.”

We all looked at her in amazement.

It turns out that the franchise is now providing a free electric car charging service at a EV Charging Station GoSpace at select locations.



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