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Universal Self Care for Parents Raising Children and Working Two Jobs

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who also goes by the initials AOC, ignited a firestorm when she tweeted to her followers — both friends and foes — that she would be taking a few days off before New Year’s to take care of herself before heading to Congress to begin “what is sure to be an eventful term.”

Before deciding to run for the job of U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district AOC said that she did yoga several times a week, cooked salmon and veggies at home and actively participated in social causes.

“Seriously? Self-care? Never heard of it until now,” quipped one follower, pouring fuel on the fire by adding: “Sounds like a person who has never held down a minimum wage job just to keep a roof over there head. Lazy”

Those who came to her defense responded with simple DIY solutions:

Don’t underestimate the power of a strong whiskey or nice wine to unwind.

Hot showers are a great way to relax

Being near a body of water, oceans seem to have a great effect on people.

Talk to people.

Knowing that she had just come off of a two year marathon run for Congress that demanded unrelenting stamina — what Angela Duckworth a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvaniawould would call GRIT —I offered the following list, called:

Self Care Is The New Healthcare

  1. Stay mindful. Tell yourself “Be mindful each time you walk in or out of a room, walk down the stairs, cross a busy street, talk with people. Practice makes perfect.
  2. Get aerobic for at least 15- minutes, three times a week. This means a non-stop exercise like rapid walking, running or bicycling that causes you to feel a little out of breath. You are exercising your heart. Your heart is a muscle that needs daily exercise. You are also building new brain cells in the frontal cortex and memory area of your miracle brain.
  3. Stay flexible. Start each day with a 1-minute stretching routine that can include yoga, stretching or CORE exercises like standing on one foot. Practice standing on one foot for a minute, while waiting in line anywhere in the world. This simple exercise will exercise 100 muscles.
  4. You can exercise your GUT when you make each meal 75% fiber. It is also a muscle and needs a daily workout. Eat fruit and vegetables whole as Mother Nature created them. And, avoid drinking any liquid with your meal to keep digestion #strong.
  5. To reduce stress, put your own hands on your neck, shoulders or feet and work those tight muscles to relax them. Then to relax your mind, slow down your breathing, make each next breath DEEPER than the last.



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