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How Making Money Cooking from Home Can Help You Stay Safe and Pay Your Bills

This social venture brings together home-based food preparation as a source of income, with social benefit through local food distribution to the needy.

In one day, as summer temperatures in California hit a record peak of 125-degrees, ZIPHOMECHEF rose from one employee to 17 new hires. Without fanfare, the high-tech…

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A Plan To Save America’s Fire Ravaged Western States

WHAT IF you were offered a choice when you turned 18-years old: Choose from one of the following options for your next two-years.

Join the Military.

Join the Peace Corp.

Join A Civilian Conservation Corp.

Train to Be A Fire Fighter.

Which Would You Choose?

If you chose to become a fire fighter, you…

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8 Risks The Elderly Face From the Delivery of Food in Bags

When commercial kitchens that prepare special meals for the elderly shut down due to the absense of kitchen staff due the coronavirus or a desire to avoid COVID-19. Seniors face eight key risk factors.

Preparation of Food at…

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