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How Making Money Cooking from Home Can Help You Stay Safe and Pay Your Bills

This social venture brings together home-based food preparation as a source of income, with social benefit through local food distribution to the needy.

In one day, as summer temperatures in California hit a record peak of 125-degrees, ZIPHOMECHEF rose from one employee to 17 new hires. Without fanfare, the high-tech…

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A Plan To Save America’s Fire Ravaged Western States

WHAT IF you were offered a choice when you turned 18-years old: Choose from one of the following options for your next two-years.

Join the Military.

Join the Peace Corp.

Join A Civilian Conservation Corp.

Train to Be A Fire Fighter.

Which Would You Choose?

If you chose to become a fire fighter, you…

Alexia Parks

Futurist, Award-Winning Social Impact Entrepreneur CEO | Chair, | Speaker; UN Mentor; Author; Wikipedia

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